Two blue lines…

For those who have children you will understand what two blue lines mean, if not let me take you back in time with me…

Wednesday 20th September 2016 –

I’d been to Bolton Sports Awards the previous Friday and enjoyed a few drinks like we do every year so when I still felt rough nearly a week later I started to question why! Mother Nature has also not come knocking yet which was odd… Chloe was coming round for a usual midweek catch up and a glass of wine but this time i text to asked her to pick me up a test from Asda and not the usual ALDI wine!! Can I just add that Grove Manor from Aldi is AMAZING & only £2.49!!! Anyway… We had our usual catch up (minus wine) and off she went home…

That evening I sat in my bathroom alone as Liam was at work and peed on the ‘stick’, I then watched as there was not just one but TWO BLUE LINES!


I’ll be honest I cried, I couldn’t tell you why or what emotions I was feeling, but I can tell you I cried ALOT! I’d just started my dream job so this was going to put my NQT year off a little more (I’m a primary school teacher for those who didn’t know) but I knew a baby would complete our little family.

I tried to FaceTime Liam but no answer so instead I went off to bed and then decided 4am when I got up for a wee in the night was an appropriate time to break the news… never do anything normally! I’m not quite sure Liam believed me or had any idea what was going on at that time but again there were tears. Common theme appearing here…

We were both over the moon once we’d got our head around the whole situation and began telling friends and family!

Guess who’s getting the World Cup off – Liam

A favourite of Liam’s to the family (and he never did get it off) and friends in the pub! More years, some shocked faces and even a few squeals and screams! We were having a baby!! Actual real life, actually happening, not just a thought or a wish! A BABY!

The next couple of weeks were tricky with a few scares. Nothing is ever easy in our life and little miss kept us on our toes throughout. But this was it, two were about to become three…

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