Pregnancy Diaries

People told me I would love pregnancy & it would be one of the best times of my life…

It was not.

There were moments that I loved and feeling bean (as she was known) move about and kick was one of the greatest feelings in the world, hearing her heartbeat, seeing her on scans BUT the sickness, tiredness, pelvis and hip pain, strain on my dodgy knee and ankle & constant mood swings was not fun… I won’t lie!

Women are amazing! We can grow an actual human being! BUT I think a lot of women would love men to have just a little taster of what we have to go through… especially childbirth! However Liam was my absolute rock through both pregnancy and labour and I could not of got through any of it without him!

During my pregnancy we had a couple of scares and Bean loved to keep us on our toes! These scares also made everyday working life difficult! In and out of hospital, constantly being told to rest and relax! Easier said than done when you are a primary school teacher! Luckily I had a very supportive network at work and they ensured I got the rest I needed and were always there to lend a helping hand!

I’m also very stubborn and hate not being able to do things for myself… at 27 weeks pregnant we moved house… not a fun task when you want to help but can’t lift or stand on ladders etc. Again we had amazing friends and family who made sure the process went smoothly for us and I cannot thank them enough!

However I was quite lucky that I could carry on training my dance team AND performed in a short pom routine at 34 weeks pregnant!!



I made sure I was ok doing this and the midwife was actually happy that I was keeping myself active but was aware I’d cut down my activities at dance and getting lots of rest during training! It also really helped with my mental health as it was something for me which I think you lose a lot of when you’re pregnant! A lot of what you do is for baby and you can start to miss stuff for you! Same when you are a Mum! Still training in dance gives me something for myself every week 💛🖤

Bean LOVED to play tricks on Daddy… I’d shout him over SHES KICKING, SHES KICKING!!! Liam puts his hand on my belly and she stopped. He did eventually get to feel but that went on more times than I could count. He also use to freak at watching my belly move around, whilst I would watch for hours on end!

I listened and watched many vlogs and read lots of articles and books about reading to bump, playing music to bump and talking to bump! I didn’t quite believe any of it would help once baby arrived… how wrong was I! I discovered The Greatest Showman when I was pregnant and during the first few weeks of Amelia’s life that soundtrack (along with Mcfly & James) was one of the only things that would soothe her!! She also really responds to two books we have that I read to bump every night! She also LOVES being sang to and her favourite is twinkle twinkle which I religiously sang to bump whilst having a bath! I must of sounded like a crazy lady but it’s helped us to bond so it was worth it!

FInal thing I think I’ll mention even though there’s probably lots more… THE CRAVINGS! I thought it was just be being greedy but once I’d had Amelia they did actually stop… so here’s the list…

Ribena (not sugar free!!!)

Aldi cheap chocolate

Pork pies

Those are just the ones I can remember but Ribena was the main one! The amount of sugar I consumed was probably not the best but I couldn’t get enough of it! Now the taste does make me feel slightly sick… think it brings back memories of all those pregnancy sick days! I even got bottles of the stuff for my birthday and Christmas presents I wanted it so much!

Pregnancy and early stages of mummy life really are an amazing thing! Apart from the scares & constantly feeling very ill I did enjoy being pregnant most of the time! It is an amazing feeling and very surreal and even now I still quite can’t believe that I grew a little human (and pushed her out)! If you are pregnant enjoy every single second, you will miss part of it && feel free to check out my Instagram for bump diaries and see how my little bump grew 💖💖

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