Postpartum fitness

So today marks the day that I go the gym and this time I actually mean it! Me and Mum decided to take the plunge and on Black Friday we bought a 12 month gym membership for 5 Bolton gyms. We opted for the gym, swim and classes membership so that we’ve got a choice of what we can do. It’s also handy as I can take Amelia swimming still and it’s included in my membership. The price I was paying to take Amelia every week is more than what my monthly membership is costing so it was worth it before I’d even entered a gym myself!

However this isn’t the first bit of fitness I have done. As I’ve mentioned previously I run a local dance team and after speaking to my midwife she gave me the go ahead to keep training during pregnancy. I did pull myself from competing until after Amelia but training really helped keep me fit and healthy during pregnancy. This helped keep me fit throughout and I was able to get back into full routines within a month or two of having Amelia.

So my first bit of postpartum fitness was dancing and my second was walking. I was quite lucky that I had Amelia during the lovely summer weather we had and was able to get out and about lots. I regularly went out for walks with the pram and walking before and after a baby are two completely different experiences. It’s amazing how much a pram and baby weigh when you’re pushing them up a hill!! Me and my sister also attended a mums walking group where we walked around the park a few times and then had a mini mum workout. It was nothing too complicated but we were able to work our muscles as well get both us and the babies out.

So between walking, dancing and swimming with Amelia I’ve been able to keep myself quite fit and active. Our choice to join the gym is to really step it up now I’ve 6 months postpartum, dance season is also over and it’s getting a little cold to be out of long walks every day! I’m not looking to lose much weight more improve my fitness ready for the new dance season and tone up! I’ll keep everyone posted and update you all in a few months!!

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