Christmas crafts!

I love creating stuff and anything art based! Christmas is one of my favourite times of year to be creative and having Amelia has just given me even more excuses to get my arts and crafts out!

Firstly we created Christmas cards… I had seen a couple of ideas on the heaven that is PINTEREST!! We opted for footprint mistletoe and reindeers and thought it couldn’t be that difficult. How wrong were we? Below I will place some expectation vs reality photos for our first couple of attempts.

However we did get there in the end and it was worth all the stress purely for the laughs we had, memories we made and money we saved on Christmas cards. To be honest as well everyone preferred the handmade (or footmade depending how you look at it) cards that we created and gave out!

Next we attended a Christmas crafts sessions at Sugar Lumps Studios in Horwich where we created Christmas Pudding Bum canvases. We had never attended a session here but there is no doubt that we will be returning! I expected to just be creating the canvas but I was very wrong. There was also a chance to create a sensory toy, soft toy and play in the sensory soft play zone! We went along with my friend and her son and all 4 of us absolutely loved it. We created a soft snowman for Amelia to play with and with the help of the studio I created a bumpudding. We can’t wait to book onto the Mother’s Day session in March now.

Finally me and Amelia (mainly me) made Daddy an extra special present but details on that will be revealed in my Christmas blog.

I’ve absolutely loved creating some handmade Christmas keepsakes, cards and gifts and will be making this a duckers tradition. Has anybody else got crafty this Christmas?

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