Amelia Ruby’s Christening

On Sunday 30th December myself, Liam, Amelia and our closest friends and family got together to celebrate the Christening of our little princess.

When organising the date we didn’t know whether we were complete and utters fools having it so close to Christmas or genius? It would seem it was the second option as most people were off New Years Day and we could also use it as the perfect opportunity to see family we had not managed to catch up with over Christmas.

The organising was slightly more stressful than anticipated as my best friend went into labour nearly a month early part way through the week leading up but this just meant I got baby snuggles and an afternoon with my little pal Olivia! It also saved me spending money on an outfit I didn’t need as I had a wardrobe full…


However after baby snuggles, toddler play dates & lots of trips to McDonald’s & Asda it was back to organising! I fell very lucky when Liam appeared home after just an hour of work due to low work and he had holidays left! This meant he could play with Amelia whilst I organised (& prepared a buffet with mum). I didn’t think I’d spend the day before the Christening buttering bread, making sandwiches and putting various foods onto sticks…

Buffet finished, decorations prepped, outfits picked for the three of us, bathed and ready for a good nights sleep ahead of the big day. Well the last one didn’t happen for me but everyone else got some sleep. I was up bright and early but this did mean I had time to paint my nails and curl my hair before I had to get Liam and Amelia up. Once we were all ready we headed off to church and as every Sunday it was a lovely service and the church was jam packed for the two Christenings of the day.

Once the actual Christening was complete it was over the the cricket club and ready for Amelia’s party! It was lovely to spend time with friends and family and have a little dance with all my favourite little people (and their adults as well). I don’t know what all the stress was for as the day went smoothly and I enjoyed it with my little family. I could of let little things annoy me but it was Amelia’s special day and as long as she was happy nothing else mattered! Now to get planning her 1st birthday…

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    1. It really was! Motherhood is both the great but does have its tough times! I’m sure you’ll love it & on the tough days just look down at that little smile and remember it’s all for them 💖💙


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