Our first cinema trip

Both Amelia and Charlotte both love Hey Duggee on CBeebies so when we found out that it would be coming to Vue cinemas we knew we had to go. I was a bit apprehensive about taking Amelia to the cinema at such a young age and didn’t know whether I should take her or not. I am so glad that I did! She absolutely loved it!

We decided to go on a Sunday morning as it would be slightly quieter and I could slip out easily if Amelia didn’t like the experience. We only had to pay for me, Liz and Charlotte as Amelia could sit on my knee so she was free. Charlotte then got a kids pack as a little treat and then she’d have some snacks and a drink for the film. Liz also got one as she couldn’t resist some popcorn and haribo.

We went to the local Vue cinema as our Vue now has reclining seats in every screen and little trays which made it much easier and comfier with a baby. However once Charlotte discovered the buttons she spent half the time putting her seat up and down. Once we’d got her to sit still she loved seeing her favourite tv show on the big screen! But what two year old doesn’t love 7 duggee episodes with a certain song to finish? I can’t think of many duggee fans who wouldn’t either.

The great thing about Hey Duggee at the cinema was that it was just as enjoyable for adults as it was for the kids! The making friends badge was the funniest thing I’ve seen on kids tv in ages!! It’s now on BBC IPlayer so if you fancy a laugh or cheering up, it’s well worth 7 minutes of anyone’s time!

It was definitely a successful first trip to the cinema and I can’t wait for the next film we can take her too!

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