What being a mum has taught me…

Being a Mum has taught me many things not just about how to live my life but about myself. I am still me but I am also a different person. Having seen my sister bring my niece into the world and watched some of my closest friends have children before me I thought I knew what to expect.

But when Amelia arrived I really had absolutely no clue what to expect, had no idea what I was doing, and had no concept of how I would handle all of the unknowns that come with parenting. There is no manual or how to guide for parenting that has all the answers or has the right answers to your questions.

On the 30th May I started the hardest but most rewarding lesson of my life and it is forever ongoing and full of surprises along the way, both good and bad. I thought I’d share some of the things I have learnt so far along the way…


Some days you will mess up.

Everything will not always go the way you imagined it and its ok for things to not be ok! We once tried to do some foot prints for Amelia’s baby book which ended up with paint EVERYWHERE and no foot print… we laughed it off and tried again a few weeks later. Take every day as it comes and just try and brush off the little things that may go wrong.

It is ok to cry.

Some days a good cry is all you need to make everything feel better. Believe me when I saw this as I have done this myself nearly every day this week, it has been one long week! You are not a failure if you cry

Children are the greatest comedians.

Just when you think your child couldn’t surprise you they go and do something to top the day off. Last night Amelia grabbed her Mickey Mouse comforter and began to play peekaboo with herself. It didn’t matter than she was sat facing away from us as long as she could lift Mickey over her eyes so she couldn’t see us.

You needed that cuddle more than they did!

After you’ve had the cry you needed babies often come up and want a cuddle. That couple of seconds when they lay their head on your shoulder and snuggle into you is the greatest feeling. Even when you’ve not had a cry that feeling of them close to you is magical! You more than likely needed the cuddle more than they did.


I always thought I was a patient person… I was not! Motherhood has taught me a whole new level of patience which I did not know existed. From trying to wind a baby for 20 minutes at 4am to watching them spend 25 minutes eating one rusk in the afternoon. Then there’s waiting for the first two to come through and weeks and weeks of thinking they are about to crawl! You learn to just take things minute by minute or day by day and things will happen when they want to happen.

Some of these points may seem quite positive and some quite negative but I would not change a moment of the last 9 months! I love this journey as a family and cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. Life is full of ups and downs and it makes us who we are as a person. These aren’t all the things I have learnt along the journey but a snapshot of some of the ones that stand out to me. Why not share your own lessons from motherhood?

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